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 Men's National League

4/5 Feb
Liverpool v Bolton Great Dane v Cambridge
Man SMH v England Heathrow v Cranfield
Man SMH v Bolton Heathrow v Cambridge
Liverpool v England Great Dane v Cranfield
Nottm Uni v Man Uni Southampton v Oxford
Wirral v Nottm Uni Ruislip v Southampton
Wirral v Man Uni Oxford v Ruislip

18/19 Feb
Man Uni v Bolton Oxford v Cambridge
Nottm v England Southampton v Cranfield
Wirral v Liverpool Ruislip v Great Dane
Nottm Uni v Bolton Southampton v Cambridge
Man Uni v England Oxford v Cranfield
Wirral v Man SMH Ruislip v Heathrow

4/5 Mar
Wirral v Bolton Ruislip v Cambridge
Man Uni v Man SMH Oxford v Heathrow
Nottm Uni v Liverpool Southampton v Great Dane
Wirral v England Ruislip v Cranfield
Man Uni v Liverpool Oxford v Great Dane
Nottm Uni v Man SMH Southampton v Heathrow


22/23 Apr DIVISION 1 Finals

Match 1: S4 – N1

Match 2: S3 – N2

Match 3: N4 – S1

Match 4: N3 – S2

9th Place

N5 - S5

6/7 May

Match 1: N1 – S4

Match 2: N2 – S3

Match 3: S1 - N4

Match 4: S2 – N3

5th Place Playoffs:

Match 5: Loser Match 1 v Loser Match 4

Match 6: Loser Match 2 v Loser Match 3

9th Place:

S5 v N5 (return leg)


20/21 May

DIVISION 1 1/2 Finals and Finals

Semifinals 20.05.2005

Match I: Winner Match 1 – Winner Match 4

Match II: Winner Match 2 – Winner Match 4

Finals 21.05.2006

Losers from above games to play for the 3rd place

Winners to play for the 1st place

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