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New info added below- List of Club Honours!
Here is the different Age Groups that Wirral Handball Club cater for. There is a club for everybody. The venue and coach information is also stated. If you have any queries please dont hesitate to email the below address, or leave your questions on our Message Board 
Age groups for the minis and juniors works with the school year- if you are at the above age for your group it will depend on the month of birth if they will be able to play in the tournaments for that age group otherwise they will move up to the next group.
Recommended starting age 7. When they reach 12/13 they will move up into the Junior Team. Depending on ability they may move into the Juniors team at an earlier age. This is an hour session at the Tennis Centre Bidston (the back of Tesco Bidston Moss). At the moment, this session is joint with the Junior hour session, due to lack of members in the latter team, therefore at the moment you can decide to stay for the two hours or attend the one. Saturday 6pm- 8pm. This will be subject to change. SUBS 2.00 Coach Helen Robinson and Margie Kelly
Juniors/ Under 16's
13-16. This is an hour session in the Tennis Centre as above. These sessions for the time being are held joinly with the minis due to lack of members. Saturday 6pm-8pm. SUBS 2.00 Coach Helen Robinson and Margie Kelly
Tournaments involving the minis and the juniors are usually held together in one/two days.
Currently our ladies team consists young members mostly 15-19. However due to there high playing standard they are able competition for the British League. Most of these players are also part of the England Under 16 Team and trials are currently being held for the National Team. This is a two hour session held on Monday nights 7pm- 9pm at Park High Sports College (Birkenhed Park) SUBS 4.00. Coaches -Neil Cooke and Tony Coombs
Played at the Grange Road Sports Centre. This is Wirrals Offical Court for Tournaments. This is a 2 hour Friday night session. SUBS 5.00
SUBS depend on the court cost, but it comes down to the number of members each session. The Ladies and Mens team have to become a member to the English Handball Association in order to take part in the League. Photo and 28.00 is what is needed to become a member.

Wirral Handball Club

(formerly known as Birkenhead & Setia handball clubs)






National League Champions                   1974/75, 1975/76, 1976/77

National League Runners Up                 1998/99

British Cup Winners                                1977

British Cup Runners Up                          1986, 1998

Super Cup Runners Up                            1995, 1997

            Northern Division Champions                1985/86

Midland Division Champions                  1993/94  

North West League Champions               1987/88, 1995/96, 1997/98, 1998/99


North West League Runners Up             1996/97, 1999/2000

North West Cup Winners                         1996, 1998, 1999

North West Cup Runners Up                   1997

Grand National Tournament Winners   1994

Liverpool International Runners Up      2002

Chester Open Runners Up                      1998




Isle of Man Olympic Classic Winners                     1995

Grand National Tournament Winners                   1997

Liverpool International Runners Up                     2003




Junior Girls National Beach Handball Champions         2003

          Junior Boys National Beach Handball Runners Up                         2003

          National Mini Championships Runners Up                                       2002, 2003

          National Mini Championships Plate Winners                                  2004

           Isle of Man International u-11 Girls Champions                    1999,2000

           Isle of Man International u-14 Boys Runners Up                           1999

        Isle of Man International u-14 Girls Runners Up                       2000           North West u-13 League Division 1 Champions                                   2004, 2005

       North West Junior Cup Runners-Up                                              2004

      Liverpool International Mini/u-12 mixed Champions                2003, 2004

            Liverpool International u-14 Boys Runners Up                    2003, 2004

            Liverpool International u-14 Girls Champions                    2004

Liverpool International u-16 Boys Champions                    2004

Liverpool International u-16 Girls Runners Up                   2003, 2004

Edinburgh International u-12 Champions                          2004

Edinburgh International u-14 Runners Up                         2004

Haslingden Junior Festival Champions                                  2003

            Gartson Open u-11 Mixed Champions                                        2003

            Garston Open Junior Boys Champions                                       2003

            Garston Open Junior Girls Champions                                      2003,2005



Wirral Handball Club

(formerly known as Birkenhead & Setia handball clubs)

International Players




Youth Internationals                        Senior Internationals


Jason Thelwell Eng. & GB                                Ray Clarke          Eng. & GB

Jon Kelly                       Eng. & GB (Capt.)         Mike Croker        Eng. & GB

Jason Roberts               Eng. (Capt.) & GB         Steve Wilkinson  Wal. & GB

Nicolas Briers              Eng.                            Derrick Clarke    Eng. & GB

Martin McCannon       Eng.                            Stan Horne         Eng. & GB (Capt.)

Mark Smith                  Eng.  (capt.)                       Ray Moses          Eng. & GB

Neil Cook                     Eng.                                     Steve Mills         Eng.

Ian Dunroe                  Eng.                                      Mike Foo  Eng. (Capt.) & GB

Andrew Blaylock         Eng.                                      Greg Panditt       Eng.

Mark Evans                 Eng. & GB                            Mark Elston        Eng.

Tony Coumbe             Eng. & GB                            Jason Roberts     Eng.

Ian Evans                   Eng. (Capt.)                         Kevin Hagger      Eng.

Stephen Joyce            Eng.                               Jon Kelly             Eng.

Greg Stones                     Eng.                                      Mark Evans Eng. (Capt.) & GB

Antony Elston            Eng.                                      Tony Coumbe       Eng.

Jonathan Trigg             Eng                                       Peter Haider            Eng.

Scott Devine                   Eng.                                      Jonathan Trigg     Eng.

Chris McDermott       Eng.                                     Chris McDermott  Eng.

Joel Holsted                   Eng.

Damien Cook             Eng. (Capt.)

Robert Owen                   Eng.

Robert Price                   Eng.




Youth Internationals                        Senior Internationals


Joanne Copple             GB                                Sue Roberts     Eng. & GB

Georgia Koloktroni      Eng.                                        Margaret Whittaker      Eng.

Hannah Robinson          Eng.                                     Patricia Clarkson         Eng.

Charlotte Robinson     Eng.                               Chris McNab              Eng.

Sarah McDermott       Eng.                              Helene Gilmour          Eng.

Emma Anderson         Eng. (Capt.)                    Lynda Waldron           Eng.

Kellie Davies              Eng.                              Cathy Crellin              Eng.

Gabriel Langton           Eng.                                        Paula Newnes                 Eng.

Amy McDermott         Eng.

Claire Sutton                  Eng.

Nicola Hurd                    Eng.