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Manchester Uni: Round 4 



Manchester University hosted round 4 of the women’s league. It was meant to feature all eight teams but Liverpool and Nottingham University were unable to make the event.

The tournament was split into two groups of three and then play off matches to decide the final placings.

Group 1 featured Manchester Uni, Great Dane and Oxford / Southampton.

Group 2 featured Ruislip Eagles, Tryst and Wirral.

Group 1 produced close matches in all the games with Manchester University pulling off a bit of a surprise in beating Great Dane 7 – 6 in the last minute and Oxford/ Southampton pushing both teams all the way, with strong performances again from Campos and Casaloma. Manchester have a big squad and have a good goalkeeper in Kallak but it was the experienced England International, Hankinson that secured their victory over Great Dane with 3 goals. Great Dane had a lot of new players in their team but new signings Manv and Da Rosa looked strong and goal keeper Berruezo again showed why Great Dane are so hard to beat.

Group 2 was a real mixture of the old and the new, the British and the European as Ruislip fielded a team that included three players in the England junior squad, including 15-year-old Johnson in goal. It was balanced out with the firepower of Sposi, Kocisova and Fairbrother.Their game against the Wirral youngsters allowed the best of England’s young players to show what they could do. Wirral’s Murphy and Kolokotroni put up strong resistance but the power of Ruislip was too much.

Tryst had a full team for this tournament and Peacock and Lowe impressed for the Scottish side as they beat Wirral and competed well against Ruislip, restricting the halves and defending well against fast breaks.

Group Results:

Great Dane 11 – 8 Oxford/ Southampton (o/s)

Manchester Uni 7 – 6 Great Dane

O/S 6 – 8 Manchester Uni

Ruislip Eagles 8 – 4 Tryst

Wirral 6 – 10 Tryst

Ruislip 16 – 7 Wirral

Play-Offs: 2 x 20 mins

Wirral 14 – 19 Oxford / Southampton for 5th and 6th

Tryst 7 – 19 Great Dane for 3rd and 4th

Ruislip 18 – 13 Manchester Uni for 1st and 2nd

In the play –offs Wirral lost a close game with Oxford / Southampton with the young players from Wirral really improving, led by Murphy who rattled in 7 goals to nearly keep pace with Campos of O/S who scored 8.

Great Dane were determined to not lose again and all their players got in on the scoring with Manv top scoring with 6 goals. Lowe and Peacock in particular continued to battle till the end for Tryst but Great Dane were determined to secure third place.

The final was a close game up until the last few minutes. Manchester’s Myhr scored 5 past Ruislip’s young keeper but Johnson enjoyed saving a penalty from Hankinson to ensure the reigning champions just kept ahead at half time. The Ruislip big guns came out fighting with Sposi and Kocisova scoring five each and Fairbrother four but Manchester’s keeper Kallak had an outstanding match to keep it close. In the end the champions won 18 – 13 to extend their lead at the top of the table and move nearer to another title. Manchester and Great Dane will ensure that the race goes all the way however.

Final Placings

1st Ruislip Eagles – 6 points

2nd Manchester Uni – 5 points

3rd Great Dane – 4 points

4th Tryst – 3 points

5th Oxford / Southampton – 2 points

6th Wirral – 1 point

Liverpool and Nottingham Uni did not enter

Top Scorers

  1. Campos (O/S) – 13 goals
  2. Sposi (Ruislip) – 11 goals
  3. Manv (Manchester) – 10 goals
  4. Casaloma (O/S) – 10 goals
  5. Lowe (Tryst), Myhr (Great Dane), Kocisova (Ruislip) all 8 goals


Cumulative League Position

1st Ruislip Eagles- 18 points

2nd Manchester Uni – 14

3rd Tryst – 13

4th Oxford/Southampton – 10

5th Great Dane – 9

6th Liverpool – 7

7th Wirral – 3

8th Nottingham - 2


Round 3

Liverpool 3 - 7 Oxford / Southampton   Tryst  9 - 4 Liverpool
Wirral 3 - 20 Ruislip   Wirral 5 - 10 Tryst
O/S  9 - 4 Wirral   O/S  7 - 6 Tryst
Liverpool  3 - 17 Ruislip   Liverpool  7 - 7 Wirral
O/S 4 - 16 Ruislip   Ruislip 17 - 4 Tryst

 Top Scorers

D.Sposi (Ruislip) – 25 Goals, L.Peacock (Tryst) – 18 , L.Kocisova (Ruislip) – 16 , F.Campos (O/S) – 13

Position after 3 rounds





















LIVERPOOL               7
GREAT DANE               5
NOTTINGHAM               2



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